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Buenatech Incorporated is now Online!

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

On March 12, 2020, Buenatech Incorporated has launch its Website online after its long run in the industry. With the help of Buenatech's Graphic Designer, Lawrence Aben, the website's user interface and user experience has made thoroughly to meet the desired website design to showcase its products online.

Started the planning in year 2019, Richard Tan, the President and CEO of Buenatech, has decided to give a go signal to Lawrence to start creating the design of the website. And after months of proofing and revising, the website has finally been completed for pilot live testing.

And now, Buenatech Incorporated has purchased the domain name to be used commercially online.

As the top 1 in sales among the other competitors, and as the leading importer and distributor, the leaders are hoping that this website will help the company towards its goal - to be the top importer and distributor of products in the pharmaceutical industry in the Philippines.

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