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Empty Capsules


Empty Gelatin Capsules - BuenaCaps

- High-quality two-piece capsule for a wider selection of oral forms, halal certified.

- Performs well on both semi and fully automatic capsule filling machines.

- We offer capsules in wide variety of colors that are compliant With FDA and USP requirements.

Sizes: #00, #0, #1, #2, #3, #4

Flavored Caps - Orange.jpg

Flavored Capsule by CapsCanada

- We offer a range of appealing flavored capsules, from refreshing mint to sweet strawberry, as well as the technology geared to masking undesirable flavors to make products palatable.

K-Caps Banner.jpg


- Preferred brand of vegetarian capsules, offering exceptional appearance and superior performance on filling machines

Sizes: #00, #0 & #1

Custom Caps.jpg

Capsule Printing

- Build your own brand, we provide a full range of printing options to ensure aesthetic alignment of your product and brand.

HPMC Capsule
Empty Hard Capsule

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