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New normal - Buenatech Inc. guidelines

As the government slowly loosening the restrictions brought by the corona virus' threat, businesses are now slowly and diligently opening governed by the new normal guidelines of the Inter-Agency Task Force.

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For that reason, Buenatech Incorporated is now operating in daily basis like normal business does. Customers are now allowed to enter the company premises but they must have to wear PPE or personal protective equipment like face mask and face shield. They are also advised to step on an anti microbial floor mat upon entering the front gate. The gate attendee will take the customer's and employee's temperature and records their credentials for future references. The customers can't also enter the main office due to the new normal policy of the company. They are allowed to transact by the front window covered by plastic to avoid close contact.

Employees are also advised to wear their PPE at all times, during or after working hours. Alcohol dispenser is placed on the entrance of the office to prevent the spread of any virus or bacteria in the office. The company has also cancelled all of its upcoming holiday events like Christmas party due to the risk of spreading any virus or bacteria during the event. Hope the employees are not sad about it xD.

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